Since autumn 2018, I am a PhD student and researcher in the Systems Group at ETH Zürich under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gustavo Alonso.

My doctoral research investigates the development of specialised architectures for efficient data processing engines on modern hardware in the context of distributed system in the cloud. My current effort is to enhance the hardware abstraction of accelerators to enable the creation of truly distributed systems. To achieve this, I have ported a light HTTP server-side stack to FPGA, making kernels available through a RESTful interface.

My most recent papers, The Difficult Balance Between Modern Hardware and Conventional CPUs and Serverless FPGA: Work-In-Progress, together with the poster I presented at EuroSys, present a good overview of the motivations and possibilities unblocked by this innovative approach to invoking FPGA kernels.

ETH Zürich
Systems Group, STF H326
Stampfenbachstrasse 114
8092 Zürich

Fabio Maschi
fabio [dot] maschi [at]

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